Sacramento is in a housing crisis and gentrification of our neighborhoods is leading to displacement. We must invest significantly in the development of affordable housing and ensure people can stay in their homes.


Homelessness impacts every resident of our city and requires collaboration to make real change. We need to work as a region to develop a shared action plan and pool resources.

Public Safety

Crime is on the rise in our city and the status quo is not working. We must make change by adopting the Sacramento Police Review Commission recommendations and investing significantly in prevention by supporting community-based organizations and youth programs.

Quality Jobs

Several communities in District 5 have an average income of $20,000 per year or less while the cost of housing, childcare, gas, food and other necessities are skyrocketing. We need to build the pipeline between our communities and high-paying union jobs by investing in workforce training and apprenticeship programs.

Environmental Justice

Many neighborhoods in District 5 have some of the worst air quality in the region among other environmental challenges that threaten the health and safety of our families. It’s time to invest in green technology, reduce car traffic, and improve walkability and bikeability.