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"Public self-cleaning restrooms that stay open 24-7 like the Portland Loo. They've been around forever so we know they last and would be a solid investment for the city to make. And, most importantly, they can offer ALL community members a safe place to use the facilities since public parks and port-a-potties are often filthy and/or closed."

     - Chelsea Fink

"More transparency and public input into the county budget creation process."

     - Earl Lagomarsino

"Pass a vacant-property tax similar to those in Oakland and San Francisco to encourage landlords and private developers to utilize the land they are willingly witholding for no benefits to the immediate communities. Sacramento has many vacant lots that have been left abandoned and undeveloped/underutilized which could serve as a behavior changer and extra revenue for the city to use for "homeless services, affordable housing, programs to fight blight and illegal dumping, administer the tax and defend any possible lawsuits"

     - Luis Fernando Anguiano

"Our schools need more funding! My son goes to William Land elementary and the District can’t even afford a full time RN, arts teacher, music teacher, or social worker. We should prioritize education funding at the City, County, State, and Federal levels."

     - Mo Kashmiri

"Bringing on board impacted voices to bring change in the unhoused communities implement jobs, long term mid term and short term goals and housing options. Regular trash service access to restrooms. Bring back the unity in community!"

     - Crystal Sanchez

"There are not any trash cans along alhambra. I live near T and Alhambra and I walk my dog daily to pushkins. There are ZERO trash cans for 7 blocks. The city would be cleaner if we had trashcans. Also, they need to time the Alhambra lights. It takes 10 minutes to drive 10 blocks."

     - Alexandra Orzeck

"Form a commission to develop, consider, and propose (after soliciting public comment) amendments to the city charter."

     -Eric Marquez

"Tax speculative real estate investment to fund affordable housing."

     - Zach Freels

"A public library to visit to communicate with and to support."

     - Miguel B.

"How about purchasing some of the flea bag motels on Stockton Boulevard and turning them into permanent supportive housing."

     - Charles Ware

"Advance equity in our parks system by moving away from capital funding tied to development fees."

     -Devin Lavelle

"Open up some the county and city owned buildings for the homeless."

     - Ronda Hiemstra

"An ordinance like some passed in other cities that would require tenants be given an opportunity to purchase rental property when the owner wants to sell, with encouragement to bifurcate ownership with the Sacramento Community Land Trust and or convert to a limited equity co-op. While these would grant tax advantages, they would still require mobilizing funds to make it feasible. Imposing taxes on real estate profiteering as others have suggested could help, as would the creation of a public bank for the region."

     - David L Mandel

"Turn the streets in midtown back to one-way, one-way, two-way like it used to be. Such a faster and more efficient way to navigate the city. I.E. 1st is one way north, 2nd is one way south 3rd is two way and so on. Also no more round-a-bouts honestly not helping anyone."

     - Justin Byerhoff

"1: More roundabouts. 2: For the love of God stop planting tall plants/shrubs in them, because they obscure the view on the far kitty-corner where pedestrians might be crossing, endangering them. Remove Stop signs on roundabouts - they're just a mixed message, replace with Yields. Push crosswalks at those junctions further away from the roundabouts so there's less driver/pedestrian conflict. 3. Please stick a small, low sign on every roundabout explaining clearly and concisely how to use one so that approaching drivers can stop shitting their pants and acting like fools. You could even do a parallel public information campaign - I'll happily produce a short animated video to explain to Americans how to use a roundabout, I would even do it for free."

     - Snehal Noorani