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Delivering Results for District 5



My name is Caity Maple and I'm running for Sacramento City Council to bring neighborhood voices to the forefront.


I know what it takes to fight. After leaving home at 16, I worked three jobs in order to finish high school and put myself through college. There were several times, while sleeping in my car, that I felt like giving up, but I fought to keep the dream of a better life alive.

It was in these moments that I found a passion for helping others and fighting for policies that work to uplift all, not just some. After several years of community college, I transferred to UC Davis and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. From there I developed a desire to help grow and strengthen communities; I wanted to help young people avoid the circumstances I had to overcome.

My first job after college was with the Chief Clerk's Office of the Assembly in the State Capitol. It was there that I saw the impact of public service and how legislation can affect every part of our daily lives. I took this experience and then became a policy expert at California Forward. There I fought to ensure our elections and government systems are efficient, effective, and accessible to all. Most importantly, I was able to advocate for funding to improve our voting systems across the state.

I then had the opportunity to advocate on behalf of organizations in the State Legislature. Notably, I successfully fought for safe access to legal cannabis, and helped end animal testing of cosmetic products sold in California. This experience led to my position as the first Vice President of Government Affairs for Perfect Union, a Sacramento-based cannabis company that was one of the first to unionize in the nation. That work was truly fulfilling and allowed me to travel the state, working with and learning from communities and local leaders across all of California’s diverse regions to build regulatory systems, bridge gaps in their local revenue funding mechanisms, and allow access to tested products.

When the COVID-19 pandemic started, I co-founded the nonprofit SAC SOUP (Solidarity of Unhoused People), which provides mutual aid to unhoused residents and distributes food, sanitation supplies, and survival gear to those who need it. In this role, I have helped to raise more than $25,000 in donations and grants to help Sacramento’s most vulnerable, including grants from the City of Sacramento, Sacramento Region Community Foundation, and the CEO of GoFundMe. I bought a home in Oak Park to be closer to my family, who have lived in this neighborhood for several years; I also served on the board of the Oak Park Neighborhood Association. I am also a contributing author to the local blog

My experience as co-founder of a local nonprofit and as a policy expert provides a foundation of knowledge. But nothing replaces talking with, and learning from, you.

As your City Councilmember, I will listen to you. I will hear you. And I will represent you.


I look forward to getting to work for you.


In Solidarity,



Caity Maple

Candidate for City Council, District 5

City of Sacramento

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